Welcome to Unichem Bishopdale Pharmacy!

Amanda, Maria and Anna along with the entire team at Bishopdale Pharmacy welcome you to your local Community Pharmacy. Check out this video to learn more about the services and offerings available for you. 

Why does a Prescription take that long? 

In this video, our pharmacists show the entire process of how each customer's prescriptions are prepared.

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What is an INR Test? What is a warfarin blood test?

In this video, we look at what an INR test is and how easily it can be tested in our pharmacy.

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Blister Packs 

In this video, we explain what a blister pack is and show how we create each individual pack tailor-made for each customer.

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Bishopdale Pharmacy Gift Shop

In this video, we show the huge range of gifts that the Pharmacy has, from Jewellery to Scarves to Soaps we have the selection for you. 

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Scarf Tying 

In this video, we show how to properly tie a scarf and and a taste of the scarf collection we have here at the Pharmacy.

Blister Pack Testimony

In this video, we hear from one of our customers talking about how blister pack changed his life.

For more information on Blister Packs, check out our other video on how we process them.

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