Day 8 & 9

Day 8 & 9 - The Farewell. Day 8 saw us spending the day travelling back to Kampala, via a stop on the equator! Our evening meal together was a very special one, where Peter and Joeline (from KCM) joined us to reflect on what has been a truly incredible journey.

It is fitting that we pay tribute here to a number of people.

  • Firstly, Peter - one of the most amazing people we will ever meet. This man is the driving force behind the hard work being done for the Ugandan people, in incredibly difficult and trying circumstances.
  • Secondly Bruce - who saw an opportunity to help others and pursued it (and continues to pursue it) relentlessly.
  • Joeline and Georgie, two people who have supported these two men, but in their own right have contributed beyond measure.
  • Our entire Mission Abundance group - each person brought something special to Uganda and we were all beneficiaries of that.
  • To our new friends and colleagues at KCM in Uganda, who made us feel at home.
  • Finally to our families at home and our team at Unichem Bishopdale Pharmacy - without their support we would not have been able to be part of this phenomenal mission. We are humbled, grateful and privileged to have been part of something so special.

If you are in any way able and willing to contribute to the work KCM are doing, please go to the following website to donate. We have been so fortunate to see first hand where these donations go directly, without anyone clipping the ticket on the way past.

So bye for now  - until next time....... Maria and Amanda x

Amanda on the Equator: hedging her bets - a foot in each hemisphere!
Maria literally in the middle of the world ;)
Peter and Bruce
Team KCM & Mission Abundance 2019