Day 5 Part 2

Day 5 Part 2: While we were working in the pharmacy tent, other members of our care team were part of the optometry clinic. Today was the day people received the glasses that the Bishopdale Community Donated. Over 120 pairs of glasses were donated through the Bishopdale Community plus 30 pairs of sunglasses. The sunglasses were gifted to the local people working on the construction site, which were much needed for both the sun and eye safety.

A massive thanks to Marcia and the team at Foate Optometrists, Bishopdale for cleaning, measuring and labelling the glasses with the relevant prescription. 99 people were seen in just 6 hours by 2 optometrists at the clinic on Weds. People were incredibly grateful to receive the care and glasses free of charge as a result of this. The remaining glasses were kept for future use.

If you wanted to help these people out more have a look at the Kyampisi Childcare Ministries donation page.