Day 1

Day 1 - this morning an opportunity came up for the group to visit a slum settlement the next morning in a suburb of Kampala called Natete. A group called Droplets in the Stream are responsible for setting up the school there which is very basic, but the care from those running it is anything but. Agnes, (who runs the place with her husband and a great team) is a legend.
The kids are amazing - very smart and pick things up quickly. They enjoyed some good kiwi songs in NZ sign language (Good morning) and Te Reo (Tena koe) - but also some of the classics - incl heads,shoulders, knees and toes and Round and round the garden. The Mission Abundance team consists of 4 kiwis, 2 Canadians and 16 Aussies, all of whom are amazing people. Here are some pics from that visit.