Day 5

Day 5: We spent the whole of today at the medical camp. The day started at 5:30 am and we finished at 6.30 pm. Our team consisted of 3 kiwi pharmacists all from Canterbury (joined by an ex-pharmacist from Aussie later in the day), and 4 nurses from Uganda. The team was amazing and we were able to provide just over 1000 prescriptions for people, working from a tent, and in very different conditions to those we are used to. We were well supported by some of the boys from the construction crew later in the day who provided much needed cups of tea!

One moment that stood out was how the team provided care for a local pregnant woman who had been prescribed a drug that was very harmful to her baby. The combined expertise from nurses and pharmacists meant she was not given the medication thereby preventing serious harm to her unborn child.

Our time with Anna, Souda. Joyce and Ezra - our wonderful nurses - will be treasured indefinitely.

If you wanted to help out in any way, here is the Kyampisi Childcare Ministries donation website. Any donation will go a long way for the Kyampisi community to have more days like these.