Uganda Mission Abundance


KCM (Kyampisi Childcare Ministries) is a registered not for profit organisation in Uganda. KCM aims at giving the vulnerable children of Uganda, physical, emotional, and spritual springboards which will enable them to live lives that are full, productive, and positive.

Uganda is experiencing a rather unique form of human rights issues, namely child sacrificing. Child sacrifice generally occurs within a rural village setting. Child sacrifice is an economically influenced human rights violation, done in secrecy and it's hard to catch offenders. There is a supply and demand chain created with very rich people involved. 

The effects of child sacrificing are far-reaching. Not suprising, there is the emotional and psychological trauma endured by the families and close acquaintances of the victim.

The EBS (Entrepreneurial Business School) Community has had the opportunity to work with KCM and to date has raised over $160,000 with the goal to build a new Rehabilitation Centre that will serve as a safe place for the children and families affected. 

In the link below you will find more information about KCM and the work they are doing in Uganda to help prevent these atrocities.

Please be aware that some of the content in this video is confronting and you may find it quite disturbing - you may wish to use your discretion about when or whether you watch it.


Uganda Volunteer Trip

From the 21st to the 28th of September Bruce and Georgie Campbell founders of EBS are hosting an inspiring trip to Uganda to be a part of building the new KCM Rehabilitation Centre. The trip involves spending time at the KCM Medical Camp interacting with the children, as well as helping host a Fun Day for the KCM community and over 2,000 Locals. 

Co-Owners of Bishopdale Pharmacy Maria and Amanda will be participating in the trip to Uganda to help build the Rehabilitation Centre.

The first part of the journey is getting prepared - step 1 vaccinations! And quite a few it turns out....A big thank you to Merivale Medical Practice - Christchurch Travel Clinic.

When asked how they became involved in this project, Amanda and Maria explained “this trip came about based on a chance meeting, between two people in Perth airport. That meeting compelled one man to become involved in this cause. It was our meeting with that man, which compelled us to be part of this incredibly important work.”
When asked why this particular cause when there are so many out there, Amanda and Maria replied “most of us would like to be involved making a difference, sometimes it is hard to know where to start. The opportunity for us to make a difference in the life of even one child, was one we felt compelled to take. We were asked to help with this cause, are able to do so and so we are going to.”

The man who compelled Amanda and Maria to join the cause is named Bruce Campbell, he made a video explaining how he found out about the charity and why he wanted to be a part of it.

Please be aware that some of the content in this video is confronting and you may find it quite disturbing - you may wish to use your discretion about when or whether you watch it.

Here is his story:


Day 1 Saturday 21st of September: Arrive at Kampala and Welcome Dinner

Day 2 Sunday 22nd of September: Tour of KCM, Attending Church Service and meeting some of the local families

Day 3 Monday 23rd of September: Medical Team: Working at the existing home for children

Day 4 Tuesday  24th of September: Medical Team: Assisting at the Medical Camp

Day 5 Wednesday 25th of September: Helping run a Fun Day for the local children and families

Day 6 - 7 Thursday, Friday 26th&27th  of September: Gorilla Trek - Bwindi National Park

Day 8 Saturday 28th of September: Farewell

Day 9 Sunday 29th September: Depart for home